Solank As Die Aarde

Beskikbaarheid: In voorraad
Format: Sagteband
Publish date: 2024-03-01
After a tragic hunting accident, nothing is ever the same again on the family farm Soetkloof. 15-year old De Viljee is dead, and the lives of his brother and sister, the 18-year old twins, Cornél and Ragel, have been forever changed. Cornél disappears shortly after, unable to face his heartbroken parents or live with what happened. The bullet that killed his brother came from his rifle, after all. In the aftermath of the tragedy, Ragel is left to manage Soetkloof, as her parents become unable to tend to the struggling farm. hen a massive drought hits the area and their only remaining lifeline, the Opkoms river, dries up. A huge conservancy group is also trying to buy up all the farms in the district, pressuring farmers to sell and leave the land they have tilled for generations. Will Rachel continue to fight for her inheritance? Will the outsider walking these leopard-infested mountains help or hinder her? And will Cornél ever return to Soetkloof alive? Solank as die aarde, Lucia Prinsloo’s third novel, is a story of resilience in the face of insurmountable odds and holding on to hope when you have no reason to.
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Publish Date 01 Mrt. 2024
Format Sagteband
Skrywer Lucia Prinsloo
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