Elephant’s Big Secret and 19 Other Fantastic Fables (EBOOK)

Elephant’s Big Secret and 19 Other Fantastic Fables (EBOOK) by Wendy Maartens
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2021-06-10
This cheerful collection contains 20 fantastic animal fables, each of which in a unique way includes valuable wisdom for children and how values can be applied in everyday life. Donkey’s Long Walk to Town conveys the message that one can never satisfy everyone. Bat, Bramble and Seagull Have a Meeting contributes to the idea that one should not only focus on what you lack, you should appreciate what you have. In Gnat Takes On Lion the wisdom is shared that no one is so invincible that you can never be defeated. Beetle Puts Eagle in His Place gives the courage that even if you are small there is always a way to stand up to a bully. These are just a few examples from this collection full of gifted, shy, cheerful, scared, angry and brave animals. What does Mrs Crab want to brag about? What is Elephant’s big secret? Did Hare outsmart the bullies? Don’t wait any longer to find out!
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Publish Date 10 Jun. 2021
Format EPUB
Skrywer Wendy Maartens
Taal Engels
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