Crackerjack (EPUB)

Crackerjack (EPUB)
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2019-03-01
From Bantry Bay to Deep Cyber. Young, bright and sexy, Carla Vitale has been handpicked to run Supertech, Africa’s leading independent engineering firm. Then, one Friday afternoon in Cape Town, her dream is shattered. Her boss and mentor, Nial Townley, disappears, his luxury vehicle is found in a crevice at the bottom of Chapman’s Peak, and 20 million is missing from the Supertech’s overseas accounts. Three months later the police is no closer to solving the riddle. With no job, no car and no phone, Carla turns to the one person she believes can help: software hacker turned day-trader, Daniel Le Fleur. But Le Fleur is maintaining a low profile in Bantry Bay and he is in no mood to ruin the serendipity.
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Publish Date 01 Mrt. 2019
Format EPUB
Skrywer Peter Church
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