Boodskapper van die gode (EBOEK)

Boodskapper van die gode (EBOEK)
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2019-02-27
Remarkable stories as told by Murray La Vita I wanted so bad for one of those phones to ring and for the man to pick it up, without looking amazed. Then he must smile and the voice that has been known to millions of people for decades, must say: “Hello, Elvis here”. Boodskapper van die gode is a selection from the award-winning journalist Murray La Vita's columns, sketches and essays. His unique writing style provides an unusual perspective in the 104 columns, essays and sketches in this book. La Vita’s experiences from his childhood and youth are varied with experiences while traveling to cities like New York, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. He writes about why he could not visit the Anne Frank house, forbidden acts on islands, how he and his nephew, as five year olds, discovered war, his first love on Hangklip and how his friend turned into a witch. The reader will encounter melancholy, vulnerability and human fragility in these stories. The writer also includes wonderful humour and absurdities in his writing.
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Publish Date 27 Feb. 2019
Format EPUB
Skrywer Murray La Vita
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