Tales from the Marula Tree (EBOOK)

Tales from the Marula Tree (EBOOK)
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2020-01-05
Every evening at sunset the troop of baboons climb to the top of the big Marula tree. It is their favourite tree to sleep in. They clamber around looking for a comfortable spot. It takes a while for everyone to settle down, but eventually even Aunt Mangy has found the perfect branch for her tired body. All is quiet. The baboons are waiting for the evening star to appear. Who will be the first to see the star tonight? "There it is!" cries one of the little ones. As soon as the star has appeared, a little voice begs: "Please tell us a story!" "Yes, a story, a story!" it echoes in the branches. An omnibus with fifteen highly original and entertaining animal stories. This re-release of Leon de Villiers' original animal stories was illustrated by talented artist Linki Lutz.
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Publish Date 05 Jan. 2020
Format EPUB
Taal Engels
Skrywer Leon de Villiers
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