Kanker Schmanker! (EBOEK)

Kanker Schmanker! (EBOEK)
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2019-02-27
The brave journey of a cancer survivor "There’s a bare gap where my right breast once was. I close my eyes to allow my brain to deal with this monumental thing. Cancer Schmanker, I decide. I'm just as much woman as before the operation. My femininity cannot be defined by my breasts. It is in my head, in my heart, in that immeasurable thing called the soul. " In this fascinating book, well-known suspense writer Madelein Rust, shares the intimate details of her journey with breast cancer. It's a brutally honest narrative depicting her experience of the disease with pathos and humour. Readers get a distinctive look at the physical experience of breast cancer warriors as well as the changing inner world of those who fight against the disease. Kanker Schmanker! equip breast cancer warriors with information that is not always readily available. It also helps their loved ones better understand the journey with cancer. It is a book of hope and triumph that makes the reader cry and laugh out loud. It's a story for anyone who is fighting some kind of battle.
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Publish Date 27 Feb. 2019
Format EPUB
Skrywer Madelein Rust
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