Blood on her hands - Women behind bars (EBOOK)

Blood on her hands - Women behind bars (EBOOK)
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2015-08-01
What makes a woman kill? And how does it feel to share a cell with these murderers? Carla van der Spuy visits four female correctional facilities across South Africa and gets inside the heads of women who committed violent crimes. She visits the babies born behind bars, celebrates Christmas with the inmates and chats face to face with women who killed with knives, guns and hit men, as well as a kleptomaniac and a prostitute. Women with blood on their hands. What went so terribly wrong in their lives? And is there a person behind the criminal? 
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Publish Date 01 Aug. 2015
Format EPUB
Skrywer Carla van der Spuy
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