Freelance Like a Boss (EBOEK)

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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2023-06-20

Are you feeling stuck and limited in your profession? Are you waiting for the next bonus, the next promotion, the next public holiday, the next best thing? Are you feeling burnt-out, underpaid and generally gatvol and need an alternative way to work? What if you could become your own boss? Had the freedom to choose when and where you work? Could work towards your own dreams instead of someone else’s? Could travel/spend time with your kids/tend to your garden at any time you damn well please? Didn’t have to take leave to go to the dentist? In Freelance Like a Boss, Shea Karssing helps stunted in-house employees and frustrated freelancers create successful, sustainable businesses that will give them greater flexibility and earning potential.

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Publish Date 20 Jun. 2023
Format EPUB
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