CharacterScan (EBOEK)

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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2023-07-22
Katrina Hunt can smell corruption in others. But is she good enough to catch a rising tyrant? Katrina Hunt has a disturbing secret. Since her earliest days fighting for survival in the poverty of a trailer park, she’s been able to sense moral corruption. And her gift is never wrong. This strange ability affects every relationship, for people have no way to hide from her. Katrina harnesses her gift and sets it to work, sniffing out evil in positions of privilege and power. Yet she soon finds she is not the only one who can do it. On the far side of the world, a scientist cracks an algorithm that will forever change law-enforcement. His new scan can detect a person’s genetic propensity for wrongdoing, even before they act. But what if the most corrupt man in the world, a political figure assuming ever higher office, is able to beat the scan? What if he alone can hide his true darkness? What if he is … not quite human? Katrina’s path will lead inexorably to confrontation with an immense power. But can she stop him, before it is too late for humanity?
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Publish Date 22 Jul. 2023
Format EPUB
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