Africa: fact, fiction or fable (EBOOK)

Africa: fact, fiction or fable
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Format: EPUB
Publish date: 2012-01-10
Africa: fact, fiction or fable takes a look at the unique things, places, people and even animals in Africa. This truly interesting and factual book in encyclopedic format will appeal to both the general and academic market. Containing information on all the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa (a total of 73) as well as a collection of the noteworthy or strange. The concise alphabetical entries are jam-packed with easy to digest information, making the book accessible to read bit by bit at any time. This straight forward treasure of facts will quickly find its way to the bedside or coffee table. Interesting and highly informative text ensures a wide audience, from just plain pleasure reading, expansion of general knowledge to speech-making and school projects.
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Publish Date 10 Jan. 2012
Format EPUB
Skrywer Rob Marsh
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