Seeking God

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Format: Sagteband
Publish date: 2023-02-01
Jesus promised, “Seek and you will find!” Do you long for a transforming encounter with the living God? Jesus assures us that those willing to become seekers will find what their hearts most deeply desire. The promise is clear. Those who seek God consistently, faithfully, and passionately will not be disappointed. They will find God and all those good things that accompany God’s Kingdom. Profoundly influenced by his long friendship with Dallas Willard, and his experience guiding people through the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius for the last thirty years, Trevor Hudson offers you a practical tool kit for your seeking journey. You search for God does not have totake you to a remote mountain top as God wants to meet us right where we are in our everyday lives. Reading the wisdom contained within the pages of Seeking God will help you to move beyond insight and knowledge and encounter the presence of the living God as a reality in your daily life.
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Publish Date 01 Feb. 2023
Format Sagteband
Skrywer Trevor Hudson
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