Help! My child is Atypical

Help! My child is Atypical
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Format: Sagteband
Publish date: 2020-10-01
To raise a typical toddler is no joke. So what do you do when your child happens to be ‘different'? What if he's hyperactive and can't pay attention? What if you suspect that she might be autistic? What can be done about low muscle tone and poor pencil grip? What if his language development is not on par, or he lisps or stutters? And what if she doesn't have learning difficulties, but suffers from anxiety? In Help! My Child is Atypical a team of experts answer these and many other questions that parents struggle with daily. Is therapy really essential or is it just a money-making scheme? And where do you begin when you suspect something's amiss? In 30 gripping case studies, parents and therapists relate their true stories of determination and hope. Psychologists, speech therapists, audiologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, play therapists and other medical practitioners share their knowledge, experience and secrets. Help! My Child is Atypical is a practical guide that equips you with the tools needed to make you and your child a champion team!
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Publish Date 01 Okt. 2020
Format Sagteband
Taal Engels
Skrywer Christien Neser
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