Boundless Grace

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Format: Sagteband
Publish date: 2024-05-01
The message of the New Testament is that Jesus took the punishment of sin meant for men upon Himself to redeem those who believe in Him. This belief in the transference of suffering from men to Jesus creates a myriad of questions for many people. Was Jesus’s brutal death truly necessary? Why do God require a sacrifice instead of just forgiving unconditionally? Is God the Father restricted in His willingness to forgive? The idea of heaven and hell stirs up doubt and fear in many – fear for the eternal damnation of hell and doubt if they will ever be able to make it to heaven. How could a loving God, the God of love who is preached by the Christian faith, allow for people to go to hell? The author gives no pretence that he has the definitive answers to all these difficult questions, or that he could fully uncover the extensive meaning of what the life, death and resurrection of Jesus truly entails. But he sincerely hopes the new thoughts that these writings might evoke, will cast some light on these darker questions for those who struggle with them.
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Publish Date 01 Mei 2024
Format Sagteband
Skrywer Chris van der Merwe
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