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Publish date: 2018-01-01
The Isizulu Handbook and Study Guide is a comprehensive reference book and set of notes that covers everything in one book. Provides basic vocabulary and simple language instruction. Practical and user-friendly – simple, visual and logical. Colour-coded for easy understanding, recall and application. Beautiful illustrations of the various themes. This book covers the language structures and rules required from Senior Primary to High School in the caps curriculum. It will also help the older learners to fill in the gaps and reinforce the basics of isiZulu grammar. It is graded in degrees of difficulty and the first section in each chapter will be manageable for the younger grades. They will then progress to the more difficult areas. By High School they should have covered all the necessary structures, rules and concepts. It may be a good idea for the isiZulu teachers to decide what is going to be taught when, according to the curriculum; for example, how many themes to cover in a year and which language structures they are going to teach in that year. The vocabulary section at the end of the book extrapolates on all the themes. It will prove useful for vocabulary extension, spelling and reading. It will assist in the learning of plurals and verbs. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. 10 Themes covering 20 essential, everyday topics B. Language C. Comprehension skills D. Vocabulary E. Useful phrases and expressions. Themed posters available on request.
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Publish Date 01 Jan. 2018
Format Sagteband
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